Brad genuinely cared and wanted what was best for us

When my wife and I met Brad we had no idea what we were doing. He actually reached out to me when I wasn’t even ready to start the home buying process yet. I told him I wasn’t ready and didn’t want to be hassled about it. We ended up meeting with him anyway and he couldn’t have been a nicer guy. The whole experience wasn’t about him trying to make a sale. He walked us through every individual step in the home buying process. He actually advised me to look at other options on a house that I liked initially because it wouldn’t have been a smart buy. He very easily could’ve let me buy it and made his money but he didn’t. He genuinely cared and wanted what was best for us. I feel like that’s a rare trait in today’s society. I couldn’t recommend him enough. He’s not only our realtor, he’s somebody I would call a friend and I’ll be coming back to him when it’s time to sell and move on to a new place. Thanks Brad!